Could This LG Handset be the “Gelato” LG Optimus Slider or Nexus 3?

Take a look at that picture right there.  This is said to be a legit teaser image for the next big upcoming handset from LG.  While we don’t have any product names or codenames to reference at this point, one thing that comes to mind right now is a  “Gelato” slider.  At first glance this doesn’t look like it would have a keyboard hiding underneath, but that would certainly make for an awesome plot twist, wouldn’t it?

Then there’s that other rumor – that LG might be behind the next Nexus device.  This image has all the makings of a sexy, sleek, thin, button-free handset that could run Ice Cream Sandwich, doesn’t it?

Whatever the case, we’re only pleased to be looking forward to another Android smart phone from LG.  Once we get more information to share (name, price, specs, launch, etc), we’ll do just that.

Source: GSMArena via AndroidMixer

UPDATE: Nothing to see here guys.  This is the same image used last fall for the lead up to the Optimus One line.  Apologies for not picking this up ahead of time.

  • petertheta

    With all due respect, that very probably crosses the line out of “teaser”
    and into “I could have produced a shape that vague with a rubber band
    on a countertop felt better informed.” I won’t stop following you guys
    on Twitter or anything, just… ya know.

  • Tonedabone

    Well,  ….it kinda looks like an ice cream sandwich

  • Mads Østergaard


  • nova_fan

    In the upper right corner, it is written optimus (we can guess it). So why everyone on every site is reproducing the same comments about Nexus 3 ?
    Hoping to see soon this device (with NOVA and high resolution) ?

  • Guest

    There’s that high quality journalism I’ve been craving right there! Another hard hitting and fact filled story from android guys!