Newly Leaked Droid Bionic Photos Paint a Different Picture

Earlier we brought you a couple of leaked Droid Bionic pics showing off its laptop dock support along with some specs reminders. Well, thanks to some newly leaked info, it turns out the Droid Bionic is .2″ more of a beast than previously thought and as the old adage goes: “Size Matters.”

The guys over at Droid-Life managed to track down more Droid Bionic info and photo sexiness showing off a very different Bionic than we saw back at CES. According to the sources, the Droid Bionic will be sporting a 4.5″ qHD display, 1750 mAh battery and will be running Android 2.3.4. You can check out the latest leaked photos after the break for a peek at the “about’ screen, “lock” screen, “home” screen, and a pic of this behemoth giving a Motorola Defy a serious inferiority complex.

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  1. Elvis
    June 07, 17:26 Reply

    Release date: a month after it’s old technology 😛 looks cool though!

  2. Elvis
    June 07, 17:26 Reply

    Release date: a month after it’s old technology 😛 looks cool though!

  3. Scea67
    June 08, 00:12 Reply

    I don’t like this design? Much preferred the original design , this looks like a Droid X , no thanks

    • Bill Webb
      June 09, 15:28 Reply

      There is no original design.  The Bionic is the first of its kind.  How many ways could YOU shape a phone with a 4.5 inch screen?  If you want a slider, there’s the Droid 3 coming.

      • bab9659
        June 21, 18:44 Reply

        wrongo bill. they had an original design that was debuted back in february but delays to the bionic included a revamped design to the phone. the original had a 4.3 display, this new one is 4.5 and not as sleak as the original design

    • Cprevo318
      June 27, 17:49 Reply

      Are you blind??? The new design looks nothing like hte Droid X and I much prefer this design to that of the Droid X

  4. BrianB13
    June 08, 16:16 Reply

    These are not newly leaked pictures.  They all came for the same post on the same phoneHK site.

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