Get Your Thumbs Ready, There Can be Only One! OpenFeint Announces Beta of ‘GameFeed’

Cross-platform gaming is set to improve yet again as OpenFeint announced the addition of “Game Feed”, a new beta service that puts an in game news feed telling you when one of your friends has one upped you either in score or achievements. And the best part?  It’s OpenFeint and cross platform, so you can be notified when your hipster iPhone friends top your score in Fruit Ninja.  According to a post on the OpenFeint blog, devs can integrate GameFeed into their OpenFeint apps with the addition of three lines of code.  A quote from the post to give you the info:

With GameFeed, developers can expose their game’s community through a new drop-in widget with three lines of code. Players see a stream of in-game updates based on the activity of other players in the OpenFeint network. By immediately seeing when a friend has bested a high score or unlocked a seemingly unattainable achievement, players are encouraged to play with each other more frequently.

For players who opt in to OpenFeint, GameFeed will soon introduce them to new gamers, intelligently suggesting new friendships, featuring interesting changes to user profiles, and recommending new games that are popular among friends.

It looks like another step closer for OpenFeint to become the Xbox LIVE for Android. Developers interested in signing up for the GameFeed beta are advised to visit

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