Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Drop Snap VS. all Competitors!

Recently, good friends of Android Guys, Chris Soyars and Martin B. (chrissoyars and optedoblivion) released a handy app called Drop Snap.  The app automatically uploads images taken on your Android phone to your dropbox account with no muss and no fuss.  Take a picture and BAM, your photo uploads for safe keeping.  Kind of like an eyefi for your Android device.

We have loved the Drop Snap app, and how it makes uploading photos, well, a snap.  But how does it stack up against other similar competing apps, such as Sugar Sync or Drop In?  Another one of our good friends, Chris S. (wootroot) decided to create a video to illustrate how Drop Snap is head and shoulders above the rest.  Check out the video af ter the break, as well as our handy dandy download box so you can get Drop Snap for yourself!  NOTE:  The video shows as yet unreleased functionality to Drop Snap that is coming in the very near future.  Enjoy the preview!



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  1. Anon
    June 09, 15:33 Reply

    sugarsync has an option to automatically sync your photos so you don’t have to manually start the sync each time.

    • Chris
      June 09, 18:04 Reply

      as showed in the video. yet regardless of which option you choose, sugarsync was so slow that it was /still/ syncing photos well after the video was finished while dropsnap finished almost instantly.

  2. passinthru
    June 09, 15:36 Reply

    I like it but wow, it could eat up a lot of my Dropbox quota in no time. I’m looking for a feature that would upload automagically to my more generous PicasaWeb storage.

    • Chris
      June 09, 18:49 Reply

      not really… just prune the folder occasionally, it’d take quite a lot of pictures to fill up your dropbox quota.

  3. Chuck Falzone
    June 09, 19:10 Reply

    Picplz has a similar feature– not for every photo you take, but for every one you share via picplz.

    • Chris
      June 09, 20:40 Reply

      well yeah, but this was designed for people who want every one of them instantly uploaded, not to mention with the added features of this release it can sync much more than just your pictures folder

      not to mention, if i wanted to take the time to share the pic, I could just use the regualr dropbox app…….

      • Chuck Falzone
        June 09, 21:16 Reply

        Fair enough. I was just observing that another app has a similar feature, not trying to impugn Drop Snap.

  4. staciedaisy
    June 09, 21:17 Reply

    I <3 DropSnap and this video! I bet my friend who's sd card crashed on him wish he had this! :) 

  5. Thewatersgroup
    June 10, 03:36 Reply

    I found DropSnap so useful, that I purchased the paid version. Well worth the money!


  6. Chris
    June 10, 03:57 Reply

    Win a skin from skinit thanks to DropSnap http://bit.ly/m5lVNO

  7. Blank
    June 13, 01:51 Reply

    Still SugarSync you can get 5GB free of space which still beats dropbox

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