Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Commercial Lands Online with Obligatory iPad 2 Burn [VIDEO]


Well, the official Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 “commercial” has landed on YouTube and as you’d expect, there’s a dig at Apple.  And really, why not?  You gotta pull out all the stops when you’re trying to differentiate yourself from the competition.  It just so happens that one of those differences is the support for Adobe Flash.

The two-minute video below shows how contagious a Tab 10.1 can be and how it applies to all walks of life.  Wonder if we’ll see this chopped up into little itty bitty 30-second clips for TV?[youtube][/youtube]


  1. Starting to get really jealous of the Tab 10.1, holding my chunky Xoom 🙁 especially since its shipping with 3.1; though I’m not keen on the UI “enhancements”. Also, I like how each time they show the screen there’s no system bar… its lies! Haha

  2. I don’t understand the hype over this tablet, sure it thin and light, but it has no external connectors(usb, hdmi), and no expandable memory.  Besides the OS, these are the things that really make android tabs superior to the iPad.  I think Samsung is trying too hard to pull people away from buying apple products by copying apple’s form factor.  I think it is a serious flaw in Samsung’s stratagy.

  3. Flash is a
    nightmare for battery life, bandwidth and smoothness. HTML5 is the solution. So
    thanks to Apple for having the bravery not to use flash. When you pay your
    contract, the cost for building network is included (and the cost for flash is

  4. I think this was a bad move on there part. Flash, I thought it was going to be great when I got my nexus one but it was and is shit! I hate flash with a passion. Why, if you are going to use something again apple I wouldn’t show case possible the worst feature what is offered. Personally I would rub in their face the higher screen resolution, kind of an up yours ( until they offer retna display… )

    Other all like it.

    I’d like to see a nexus version. I got used to having an old phone with an os newer then the latest phones.

    Looking forward to sales number, can’t be worse then the “playbook” lol hahahahahahashithahahaha