T-Mobile Brings Bigger Than Life Angry Birds to Barcelona [VIDEO]

If you are looking to draw attention to your smart phone lineup, app store, or web store, nothing works better than Angry Birds.  Check out the video below where  T-Mobile (DT) went and set up a larger-than-life display of Angry Birds in Barcelona last month.  Then watch what happens as some unassuming folks walk over to play the game.  We won’t spoil all the fun but we’ll say it turns into an instant party, complete with a band.  The approach is rather neato and would definitely make for a fun-filled afternoon.


  • Mary Beth

    Awesome – what a great idea!

  • jeffrey beck

    Brilliant marketing.  What a fun idea. T-Mobile should build several of these and take them to college campuses across America.

    • Definitely! These would be AWESOME on college campuses… crazy publicity and good fun at the same time. I wonder what kind of local clearances they had to get to pull this off…?

  • Lou

    The “unassuming folks” are probably actors…