Walking the Dog Just Got Easier Thanks to Purina’s ‘Petometer’


Any dog owners out there looking for an app to help remind you to walk “Butch,” or keep track of how many miles you and your tongue hanging drool machine actually walked? Look no more, you tail wagging warrior! Purina has teamed up with Triad Retail Media in an ongoing effort to keep consumers engaged via digital mediums. Together they have created the “Purina Petometer.” This free app allows users to create a “Pet Profile” and add up to 6 different dogs in which to upload photos, track walks and view recommended exercises.

Petometer is a great way for dog owners to stay on top of Fido’s walking routes by tracking time, distance, pace and route, courtesy of Google Maps. You can view a history of past routes and set reminders for future walks, which can also be synced to your phone’s calender. Petometer also allows you to share customized posts about your walking adventures via Facebook. Share a great spot with your friends or invite someone for a double dog dash through the park. Either way, Purina Petometer is a fun and engaging way to keep you and your canines healthy and happy.



  1. Um, how many bad apps is this phone going to get made for it? First a dog fighting app that is by far the worst and most disgusting, twisted idea ever thought up but NOW people actually have to have an app to REMIND them to walk their damn dog? Seriously? Um, if you need to be reminded to walk your dog, not only are you a raging moron but you have no business having pets. What’s next? The app that reminds you to make dinner for your kids? Geezus people, get a clue and grow up.

  2. Dogs don’t need a pedometer you fools. Dogs need good owners. This is just stupid. What a waste of time and labor cost it was creating this. And that pic? If you really “drive walk” your dog, you need a serious blow to the head. What a disappointment. I thought this was gonna be something cool. Turns out it’s another flop of an app. Time to trade in the Android for something cool.  Face it, you guys are failing left and right, try and take a break so next time you can come up w/ something, oh, I don’t know, useful?