Adobe Peers into the Future of Linked, Location-Based Apps

How cool would it be to arrive at a museum and have your phone tell you that there is an official app designed to walk you through the halls?  Acting as a virtual tour guide, the app would tell you all about the pictures and sculptures in the halls. While that application would be awesome, it’s the actual  ‘hand-off’ that gets me excited.  Knowing where I am and suggesting relevant mobile apps to enhance my experience is even more awesome.  Adobe would agree.

Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit earlier this week, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch gave a demonstration of this location-based technology using the museum example.

“There’s a strong future for us with this social- and location-based kind of computing enabled by mobile…Proximity sensing will be at a granular-enough level that you’ll be able to know where a person is within a few feet.” Kevin Lynch

I can imagine all sorts of potential for this idea.

  • Pull into the parking lot of an amusement park and have the official map/guide/showtimes app offered.
  • Big hotels and casinos could present  maps, restaurant menus, in-house entertainment, TV channel guides, etc.
  • Arrive at an airport and get prompts for local apps, newspapers, hot tourist attractions.
  • Make sure you have official conference apps (Google IO, CES, CTIA) as you head into the show.
  • Restaurants could remind you to download their apps to get promotions, coupons, and more.

Again, it’s not the types of apps being offered that intrigues me, it’s the idea of the suggestion and hand-off in particular instances.  Users would not have to be aware that such an application exists ahead of time.  This would be a “Did you know there’s an for..?” scenario.

Where could you see this coming into practice?

Image courtesy of CNET.

  • Bob

    the spammers must be drooling. sounds like it would get annoying after a while. just put up a sign telling people to download the app.

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  • More basic…  Tell you what items are on sale in the current isle of the grocery store.

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