Android Market Compatibility Checking Added

For quite a while now the Android Market has been a kind of “work-in-progress.” But, with a UI overhaul not too long ago, another one planned, and a bunch of new features being added to the web market (such as new charts and “trending apps”), Google seems to be really putting effort into making it much more functional.

The latest addition came to our attention through the observant eyes of the people over at Androinica, and adds a sure-fire way of knowing whether an app will work with your device. Whereas before, installing an app through the web market was a hit and hope affair, the market will now perform an immediate check to determine whether any of your devices are compatible with the app in question. A list of all your devices and their compatibility can be seen with a click of the “+” symbol.

The compatibility check has the ability to show you whether all your devices are compatible, some of them are, or none of them are. This should prove useful for anyone with multiple devices struggling to keep track of what does and doesn’t work.

Be sure to let us know what you think of this and the other features recently added to the Android Market in the comments below. Also, tell us what you’d like to see next!

Source: Androinica

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather see Google put some effort into making auto-update work right. It’s ludicrous to have my Galaxy slow to a crawl because the poorly-written Market app tries to simultaneously download 20 updates — inevitably causing all of them to fail.

    Get the current stuff working right, worry about feature-creep later.

  • This is a horrible “feature” a TON of my apps that worked just fine are now not usable,  i can not update my existing apps and i just re-installed cyanogen on my nook and i can not get half of the apps that i have already paid for to install. 

  • Ryda

    Is there a way to turn this off? I am a power user I will determine if it is compatible on my own..

  • Jan

    It simply doesn’t work. I want to download the ING Direct app, that runs on 2.1 and higher (my phone has 2.2.1), but I’m not allowed to because Market thinks it is incompatible. Why, it doesn’t say.
    I can download Skype, but when I want to install it says it is incompatible. Again, why is not clear.

    This is a terrible ‘feature’, and it’s more like a big bug. Switch it off, or at least give users the option to switch it off.