Amazon Collecting Usage Data Through Their App Store?

Amazon Android error

EDIT: This is partially our bad and Business Insider’s, it is their DRM policy to keep the app store installed and we have reported earlier about it. Business Insider was just a bit late to the party and it got us a little confused too, sorry about that! Here’s Amazons official statement on it.

According to a developer who got in contact with Business Insider, Amazon may be collecting usage data through their own app store on your Android powered device. He came to this conclusion after he found that if you don’t have the app store installed you can’t access any of the apps you downloaded through it. This was discovered because the developer could find no way to stop a process that the app store was using in the background and hogging his resources, so he uninstalled it. But when he came to use any of the apps he got through the store he received an error message telling him to install the app store again and sign in to use the app. The developer suspects that Amazon collecting usage data through their app store, citing it as the reason they can sell some apps cheaper and even give some away for free.

Although, it is pointed out that the reason for having the app store installed may simply be to check that the apps aren’t pirated. So what do you think? Is Amazon collecting usage data? Or is it simply to make sure you aren’t being a bit naughty and scamming a developer’s hard earned cash? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Wall!

Source: Business Insider

Image courtesy of Matt Rosoff

  • This is their DRM scheme, I thought this was common knowledge.

  • Level380

    Amazon have said this before…. App store is needed for drm. Bad reporting. A quick Google would have turned this up.

  • Vleyva
    “Because your application purchases are tied to your account, you will not be able to use apps if you have signed out from the Amazon Appstore. To use the apps that you’ve purchased, please sign back into your account on the Amazon Appstore app.”

  • Amazon is needed for DRM just like Google’s Market is needed for apps that do a market check.

    However, you’d be remiss in thinking that Amazon’s not getting something else from running an app store. They’re getting plenty of data just from purchases and browsing while using their app. App developers can put metric libraries in their apps to get data and who’s to say they’re not sharing it with Amazon (if Amazon ever cares how many stars you’ve earned).

  • bkcoke

    I noticed that, after the latest Angry Birds Rio, I have to be connected to the internet to play.  I usually turn 3g/4g and wifi off to conserve battery.  Anyone else noticing this?