American Airlines to Provide Samsung’s Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 for Premium Class In-Flight Entertainment

Chalk another one up for the Android army! Samsung and American Airlines have just announced that starting later this year, flyers in premium class will be using the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for their in-flight entertainment. Only on selected flights mind you, American Airlines plans to deploy 6000 of the tabs in their premium cabins on transcontinental flights between JFK and LA, JFK and San Francisco, and Miami and LA on the 767-200 and 767-300 aircraft. Also International flights to and from Europe and South America on the 767-300 as well as transcontinental flights departing Boston to LA on 757s. Tim Wagner, VP and general manager of enterprise sales for Samsung Mobile had this to say:

“Our engagement with American Airlines further illustrates the growing interest and demand we’re seeing from enterprise customers for the Samsung Galaxy portfolio…As we continue to grow our enterprise customer base, we’re committed to empowering a connected mobile workforce and enabling leading companies like American Airlines to enhance their customers’ experience by providing world-class entertainment and enterprise-ready devices.”

I see this as a good thing for the customers who will be experiencing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on these flights. My only concern is the current lack of tablet optimized apps. Sure, they’ll be able to watch movies or play a few dual core optimized games and surf the web, but not use apps that are so much more convenient and really show off what a tablet is capable of. Hopefully by the time the Tabs are in service, the Market will have more optimized apps, and will show people (albeit the select few people that can afford premium class flights) that there are some decent alternatives to Apple’s iPad. What do you guys think? Would you like your in-flight entertainment to be on tablets provided for you, or would you be taking your own anyway? Let us know below or on our Facebook Wall!

Source: Business Wire

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