Taptu Update Gives Users More UI Choices and Better Search

Social/News feed reader app Taptu recently received an update bringing it to version 1.5. This latest update adds additional options to its already awesome UI and improves upon its search mechanics to make Taptu one of (if not) the best darn feed reader on the market. To improve the user experience, Taptu has gained a color coding option, the ability to re-size streams, full sized article photos and a related stories list. Some UI changes may seem minor but they really do improve the users ability to organize and distinguish between various streams at any given time. The color coding option alone creates a visually superior level of organization for me, making it easier to jump to specific content streams.

While the UI changes are nice, being able to find the content you’re looking for is even better. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently locate topics of interest, whether independent or related, seems to be a top priority of the Taptu team:

“Our promise has always been to ensure that no matter what you’re searching for, we’ve got a stream for it. We wanted to give Taptu fans even more ways to discover new content in our app. We wanted to bring even more serendipity to what the app can offer, aside of course, from giving them the ability to customize the app to get exactly the content they want,” said Mitch Lazar, CEO of Taptu.

To prove this, they have revamped their search engine to scan both for the topic of a stream and for keywords within streams, thus creating virtual news nirvana. Just don’t go crazy or your brain might melt from content overload.

The 1.5 update also brings customary bug fixes along with a few other notables:

  • Back-end URL shortening
  • Scroll to the right to refresh stream
  • Hide photos or display different sized images
  • Speed and performance Improvements

Taptu has done an excellent job (minus their widget) and is one app I would highly recommend checking out. It’s free and takes up less than 2MB of space so there really isn’t a reason not to.


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  1. Taptu
    June 14, 06:59 Reply

    Thanks for the great review! If anyone needs help with our app, or has any feedback for us, please contact us at @taptu, on our Facebook page, or on our Community Support pages http://community.taptu.com/taptu. :)

  2. Point taken on the widgets. Please wait for the latest update. A few exciting things on the widgets are in the pipeline.

    Konstantinos (@taptu)

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