[UPDATE] T-Mobile Celebrating Father’s Day, Giving Away 10 Sensation 4Gs

*UPDATE: T-Mobile has released the details on their Facebook page as well as Twitter. So, how do you win? It’s simple: Just upload a picture of you and dear old dad to T-Mobile’s Facebook page, and on June 18th, they’ll randomly pick 5 winners, each to get 2 Sensation 4Gs, one for you and one for your old man. Technically, you don’t even have to be a T-Mo customer to win. So what are you waiting for? Get to sharing those pictures!*

T-Mobile has never been one to miss out on a giveaway, and they’re not about to start now. T-Mobile is giving away 10 (yes, we said TEN) HTC Sensation 4G superphones in honor of Father’s Day. They announced it via their Twitter and Facebook pages last Friday. We still don’t exactly know how they’ll be giving these bad boys away, but with only 2 days until the Sensation officially launches, it’ll probably be something creative by T-Mo. We’ll update this post when T-Mobile shares the details later today.

So, who’s looking forward to winning a Sensation 4G? Anyone planning on getting one for dear old dad? Leave a comment below, or on our Facebook Wall!

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  1. Nick
    June 13, 20:20 Reply

    I won’t be buying one for dear old dad, but if I win one he’ll be getting it. :)

  2. Shw924
    June 14, 05:24 Reply

    I am ready for new tecnology .

  3. Shw924
    June 14, 05:39 Reply

    I am ready for new technology , I have been with T-mobile for 8 years and have the greatest service with them .IF I win a new HTC my father would have to pry it from my cold dead fingers,,I would give it to my husband he is a father to our nine children and eleven grandchildren ,he deserves it and more .

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