‘My Data Manager’ Helps Consumers Monitor Data Usage at App Level

Let’s say for a moment that you have an Android handset with a limited amount of data allotted each month.  Be it for budgetary reasons or personal preference, you’ve got 1GB that you’re allowed to share across web browsing, social networking apps, email, etc.  For some this would is a virtually unlimited amount but for others it’s something they have to closely monitor.  While some carriers offer apps that monitor data usage, it’s sometimes difficult to pin down exactly where your bandwidth goes.  Mobidia aims to help users understand what applications and services are using your precious data with My Data Manager.

The application is available direct to consumers for free on devices running 2.2-2.3.3 but it’s also being offered to wireless providers and phone/tablet OEMs in white label, brand-able solution.  Features in the subscriber level version include monitoring data consumption at an application level, usage alarms, and toggling between home network and roaming.

To be fair, there are other apps in the Android Market that provide a similar service, but we really like the look and feel of this Mobidia title.  Apparently so do the users who have downloaded and started using the app.  So far, comments and reviews are very positive.


  • MonoMan

    I downloaded the app but I found it is confusing to use. 

  • chris

    I have been using the app for about a week and love it.  Never realized that Google Maps used so much data. 

  • chris

    MonoMan: what do you find confusing? maybe I can help.

  • My usage after Vevo @ 74mb is Media Storage @ 50 mb. What is media storage and how do I stop it or limit it?