Swype 3.0 Beta Released, Honeycomb Support and More…

It’s only been 18 months and already Swype has swiped its way past 50 million installs, revering itself as one of the most premiere keyboard replacements around. Now, with version 3.0 released, they are looking to increase those numbers by adding support for tablets running Honeycomb. This special WXGA version features a resizable and moveable keyboard for individual customization along with two major Swype 3.0 features:

  • Tap Correction – New in Swype 3.0 is the introduction of full tap correction functionality. No longer is there a need to switch between keyboards thanks to Swype’s new tap correction engine. If you feel like swiping… swipe. If you feel like tapping… tap. Both input methods will work seamlessly without having to suffer in productivity.
  • Horizontal Word Choice List (HWCL) - The fine folks over at Swype have finally decided to give Android users a more recognizable word choice list by abandoning the pop-up word choice window in favor of Android’s scrollable horizontal list. This not only allows for more suggestions to be displayed but also makes for faster and easier word selection.

Other changes found in Swype 3.0 Beta include a revamped licensing system which now includes support for any device shipped with Android 2.3 or above (with or without a cellular plan), a variety of bug fixes and other minor updates. As long as your phone did not already come preloaded with Swype, you can head on over to Swype.com and grab the latest Swype 3.0 update.

Check out these new features in Swype’s epic 3.0 trailer:


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  1. Ron Lirit
    June 15, 09:33 Reply

    SlideIT has had tablet support, resizing and predictive tapping for months. They can even combine tapping and swyping. I always feel that Swype is one step behind them and is just looking at what SlideIT does and coping it with a fancier look. Sorry, but the original is usually (and this is no exception) better.

  2. Daniel Chang
    June 15, 21:58 Reply

    Swype isn’t very accurate on the Asus TF101 (Transformer) in the “mini” mode at all!

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