T-Mobile Giving Dads (And Everyone Else) 1 Year of Free Data

T-Mobile is gearing up for a one-day-only deal for you or your favorite dad.  This year the carrier plans on tossing in one year of data for any qualifying talk, text, and data plan.  Unfortunately it’s just the $10 data plan tossed in, saving your $120 over the course of a year.  We’d love to have seen something a bit more ambitious but that is just us being greedy.  Although your typical Android fan and enthusiast might be a data hog, we get the feeling your typical dad isn’t.  And, really, chances are pretty good that he could get by with the allotted 200 MB a month.

The dad data deal goes down Saturday, June 18th at a T-Mobile store near you.  Oh, if you’re feeling left out by the offer, wishing you could take advantage of the special, you’ll be happy to learn that you can.  This might be skewed as a Father’s Day special but everyone new/existing is eligible.

SMALL PRINT: Existing customers must have completed 18 or more months of their contract to be eligible. One credit per eligible line. Credit provided $10/mo. for 12 months; must remain active and in good standing at time credit is processed.