UPDATE: HTC Desire to Get Gingerbread After All!

*UPDATE: HTC have now specified that they will cut “select apps” from the Gingerbread update for the Desire in order to resolve the memory issues; good news or bad?

Well, it was a sad time for Desire owners; with the news that HTC were not able to bring Gingerbread to the year-old best seller. But today all those  angry commenters over on HTCs Facebook page will have to retract their statements as HTC have now corrected themselves, saying they will in fact be bringing the update to the Desire, although with no mention of a timeframe.

Contrary to what we said earlier, we are going to bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire.

Above is the statement pulled straight from HTC UK’s Facebook page, with the German page stating something similar (Google Translate is your friend).

This is great news I’m sure for any Desire owner feeling that their device is aging a little too much for their liking; that is of course if they didn’t jump ship yesterday and go down the modding route.

So, does this change your views on HTC? And are you excited about this long overdue boost? Let your voice be heard in the comments below or of course on our own Facebook page.



Source: HTC UK , HTC Dach

  • Shah

    I’m not excited at all about this news. What are they trying to prove? Don’t they have the skills to make it happen already without ruining the customers day by telling them that they cant do it since the internal memory is too low. What are they doing to do now? Magically increase the memory of every Desire owner on the world? 

    Im getting myself a Nexus S coz I’m sick of the low memory issues that the HTC phones have. I wrote to HTC thrice to tell them to make better phones with bigger internal memories but all they damn well say is that with froyo you can transfer all the apps to the SD card and voila, the memory issue is over. WELLLLLL, I think the people who reply have never used an android before then, let alone the HTC Desire. 

    The apps DO go into the SD card but maybe about 20-30% of the total size of the app, where 70% of it still is inside the darn internal memory. Make better phones you dumb HTC Engineers who want Android as their main OS but can’t fulfil its requirements in even their most expensive phones.

  • Josh

    Thats true the internal memory of my desire is horrible and was a huge failure on HTC’s part. I have to work to make room every time i download a new app. However, that doesnt mean im not excited about this news. if they are offering to delete useless apps i cant delete on my own, as well as upgrade, why not

  • Anonymous

    why not make a romset that make the phone think the sdcard is internal-memory so we can get up to 32gb “internal%memory. Then space should not be a problem.