Music Unlimited (Qriocity) App for Android

Today, Music Unlimited announced their new Android application. Music Unlimited is an online music streaming service that offers over 7 million titles. This application is open to all Sony Xperia based phones as well as some third party devices. The application is a free download from the market, which we will provide below. With the Music Unlimited service, you can also stream music to your Sony Bravia TV, Blu-ray player, PSP, and PS3.

What’s more, Music Unlimited is hooking everyone with a PS3 up with a 180 Day Basic trial for Free! All you have to do is download the Music Unlimited application to your PS3 (located under the Music icon) and follow the guided instructions. How do you feel about this service? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook wall.


Source: PlayStation

  • Rogue Rat

    last i tried downloading Q (too lazy to try and spell the word) from my PS3 ( as part of the welcome back package), it asked for my credit card details… really? after all that’s happened, i’m not about giving more CC details to them, security patched or not. 

  • Thanks for the article. Very interesting.