Nexus 4G Gets Detailed!


Juicy details regarding the next Nexus device have been released thanks to the guys at Boy Genius Report. The next-gen Nexus device will likely be called the “Nexus 4G”, and it looks to be one monster of a phone.

Here is a quick rundown of specs that BGR released:

  • Next-gen dual-core 1.2ghz or 1.5ghz OMAP 4460 or ultra low-power 28nm Krait-based Snapdragon CPU
  • 720p HD “monster-sized” screen
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installed
  • no physical buttons (all software based input)
  • 4G LTE radio
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 1080p video recording and video playback
  • 1mp front-facing camera, and 5mp rear-facing camera with advanced low-light performance

This new “Nexus” phone should be available by around Thanksgiving. There is a possibility that it might be a carrier-sold and might be as an AT&T-leading LTE device. It could possibly be the flagship 4.0 device as well (like the DROID with Android 2.0 and XOOM with Android 3.0). Either way, this certainly looks to be a device that will generate excitement. Who wants one? This writer does!

  • I wont buy LG: Fail Google Fail. 

    • Msinterpreting

      Can you please expand on that? How will it fail if it is stock android? LG,Where?
      Stop trolling.

      • How am I trolling? – That shot above… Unless I am mistaken is a leaked image of the supposed “LG Nexus 3” 

        LG in my humble opinion is the worst manufacturer of android phones. By a long shot. I would normally throw my money at the next nexus phone….. unfortunately I wont if its produced by LG. 

        Google will kill the Nexus 3 if they allow it to be produced by such a sub par manufacturer. 

      • How am I trolling? – That shot above… Unless I am mistaken is a leaked image of the supposed “LG Nexus 3” 

        LG in my humble opinion is the worst manufacturer of android phones. By a long shot. I would normally throw my money at the next nexus phone….. unfortunately I wont if its produced by LG. 

        Google will kill the Nexus 3 if they allow it to be produced by such a sub par manufacturer. 

        • tutomate

          Because no where in the post does it say anything about LG. Not even the screenshot. I understand you don’t like LG but this post has nothing to do with them. The LG thing was a guess someone took a while back.

          Why is it that you don’t like LG? Is it their hardware? Or their custom skins?
          I have never owned an LG anything so I don’t know but what I do know is that GOOGLE does not introduce a whole new software version on a phone considered to be crap.

          I remember so many complaining about the Nexus S because it was Samsung and look at Samsung now.

          I don’t mean to call you a troll but your first post seem to me like trolling. Your second not so.

          • The photo of the phone above. Is the same as the supposed LG screenshot that have been been circulating for a few weeks now. 

            The post doesn’t say its an LG – but at this point its kind of assumed. 

            Name me one thing that LG does that’s good? Nothing. 
            All their parts. All their skins are subpar. 

            HTC has their build quality. samsung has their screens, cpu’s and onboard memory. Hell even Motorola has their batteries and more recently build quality. 

            LG…is very meh. And I will will sadly be skipping out on this phone if its LG. Which will sadden me. Because I would love to be first on board the SSIcecream. 

          • The phone in the picture is the Nexus S, the previous Nexus phone… also don’t write LG off if they are doing this, Google is involved with more than just the software on Nexus devices, they work with the manufacturer on the hardware design too

          • Anonymous

            Picture above is a Nexus S, dumbass.

    • Louis

      It’s actually Samsung who manufacture the device in the picture.

  • Gbraun

    I say no to 1mp front and 5mp rear! Samsung GS2 for me.

  • Pepper23flav

    Nexus and at&t I don’t think so. Google hates at&t. That doesn’t even make sense.

  • Guest

    my predictions:

    2GHz Dual core CPU or 1GHz Quad Core CPU2GB Memory (if faster CPU than above, more memory)32GB to 128GB storage capacity (I believed samsung made a 128GB chip that can fit in smartphones?  but I don’t know when its supposed to come out)

    4.5 inch 1280×720 display (I think that (resolution) number is correct)
    NFC chip is a defiant.
    4G is Defiant. LTE?  I don’t know, it would make sense long term since for T-mobile, t-mobile is/will be bought up by at&t, meaning that in the future (maybe as early as early next year) t-mobile customers will be able to access at&t LTE network.  verizon?  I don’t see that much.  /IF/ the Nexus “3” comes out on at&t and/or verizon, it will /defiantly/ be on t-mobile and sprint as well. 

    (but back to the list)

    I see (defiantly) a 2MP front camera.  maybe at the bare minium 3MP for 1080p video chats? I could see up toward a 5MP front camera.
    most likely 10MP rear camera.  maybe even larger.  8MP is normal nowadays so why would next generation nexus go under 8MP?it will (defiantly) run Ice Cream sandwich
    I’m 99.99% sure no buttons. (no buttons on the front that is)

    Google has stated that this phone will knock the socks of everyone, so it will have specs that will knock the socks of everyone then. 🙂

    • Holysmokesbatty

      Damn those defiant features!

    • Anonymous

      The 128 gb chip you mention is almost certainly 128 gigabit, not gigabyte. So 16 gigabyte. All that’s remarkable about it is the process technology used to make it, which means lower power operation or faster speeds.

  • Anonymous

    stock 4.0 way before everyone is all I need to kno. Everything thing else is already obselete. No galaxy s 2 or sensation or anything else is even comparable. N being a nexus phone it will stay ahead of the pack

  • Looks excellent! Isn’t this release closer to the previous Nexus compared to the time between N1 and N:S? Good thing if that’s the case: Google’s picking up the pace!

    • Andr01d

      I actually think this is a problem

      one of the best parts of iPhone is that you know you have the latest and greatest for a year
      nexus line was viewed as the iPhone of Android-once a year, Google’s baby.if they start releasing then every 9 months, then 6, then 3, it becomes any other android device.

      • Anonymous

        They make a flagship device for each major OS revision. 2.1/2.2 Nexus, 2.3/2.4 Nexus S, 4.0 Nexus 4G. They’re intended mainly for developers and to set a standard for a “high-end” device which demonstrates all the major OS features.

        They aren’t intended to be mainstream, so don’t worry too much if they’re released “too often”.

  • Eryanacosta

    That pic is actually the current samsung nexus s,i have it =]

  • I hope they don’t actually call this the “Nexus 4G”, to easily confused with the Nexus S 4G. Just wanted to say AndroidGuys is at the top of my favorite Android blog list, and keep up the good work! 

    Check out my blog if you get a chance, been live since Apr 28 and going strong! 

  • I want it to not be on Verizon or AT&T, it’s rumored to have an LTE radio. Somebody please say it ain’t so! For the love of God stick to Tmobile or go to Sprint but please don’t give it to either of them. I can deal with dual core, according to Cyanogen the dual core Krait based Soc is faster than Tegras quad. I guess only time will tell but I hope this is a rumor. It’s a sad day for Android if this is true. I really want to purchase the next Nexus but idk because I’ve had bad experiences with both big red and big blue. I hope this is someone’s sick joke. I was all jazzed about the next Nexus too, now I’m just…blah. How freakin depressing.

    • Anonymous

      Just because it’s LTE doesn’t mean it won’t fall back to 3G where there’s no LTE coverage. Even by 2014 most areas won’t have LTE.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it will be available for more than just LTE networks.  AT&T and Verizon are too expensive.

    • Thank God Sprint just announced their building an LTE network 

      • Anonymous

        Really? Where did you see that?

    • Anonymous

      It will be GSM, so either AT&T or T-Mobile’s 3G+ or AT&T or Verizon’s LTE. Sprint isn’t using any modern worldwide standards yet and probably won’t be in time for the Nexus 4G.

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  • ynutanydi

    I love it! It looks so stylish, I definitely want to pre-order one. I have installed a
    free printable crossword puzzle maker on the latest version of Nexus, it’s the best time-killer ever!