Android Keyboard Showdown: Which One is Right for You?

For the longest time, there’s been a debate over which virtual keyboard for Android is the best. Is it the stock Gingerbread keyboard? Perhaps it’s Swype, or Better Keyboard? Well, the guys from ElectricPig have rounded up every virtual keyboard out there and compared them all in one giant keyboard showdown. There wasn’t one definite winner. All of the keyboards are great for someone. So, they picked each keyboard and its best feature, classifying them for different people with different typing habits. Basically, if you have tremendous speed when typing on your Android device, there’s a keyboard out there that’s just right for you. Or maybe you love to personalize your keyboard. Fret not, Better Keyboard is there!

But enough of my babbling, check out the review for yourself here. So, for lack of a better question, what’s your favorite Android keyboard? Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Thanks to Ben Sillis for the tip.

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  1. Anonymous
    June 16, 19:22 Reply

    I was a diehard fan of Better Keyboard for the longest time, but have been won over by Flex T9. Flex T9 does Swype better than Swype, using a more standard word suggestion bar and keyboard layout. If only Better Keyboard could add the slide-to-type functionality to theirs, then they’d have me back in a heartbeat.

    • Brian Resnik
      June 16, 20:41 Reply

      Swype just updated to v3.0 which includes the horizontal suggestion bar you’re looking for.  Plus it’s got predictive tap now (you can be much sloppier with it than t9), and improved swype prediction accuracy.  You should check it out.

  2. Anonymous
    June 16, 19:22 Reply

    I was a diehard fan of Better Keyboard for the longest time, but have been won over by Flex T9. Flex T9 does Swype better than Swype, using a more standard word suggestion bar and keyboard layout. If only Better Keyboard could add the slide-to-type functionality to theirs, then they’d have me back in a heartbeat.

  3. Ratte123clp
    June 16, 19:51 Reply

    Definitly Swype. Since the update you can decide if you want to add a word or not. before it was saved automaticly when making a space after the word. Best keyboard and updates making it even better. The only thing im missing are more different Swype language packages in the Swype installer. Would be very nice if you could pick the languages you need so the app is not that big.

  4. Josh
    June 16, 20:13 Reply

    How is slideit keyboard not on the list. It is hands down better than swype, and all of my friends with swype have switched to it

    • Brian Resnik
      June 16, 20:42 Reply

      Have you tried Swype 3.0 yet?  Just released the other day.  Tons of new stuff, way better than previous versions.

        June 20, 20:44 Reply

        The new Swype 3.0 is great. I have it on my XOOM and love it more than Swype on my Captivate!

  5. David Kowis
    June 16, 20:19 Reply

    A freaking physical keyboard. The Sidekick had the best form factor of a physical keyboard ever.

    It’s really sad that most android phones with a physical keyboard are the lower end cheaper ones.

  6. nancy
    June 16, 21:42 Reply

    I loved Swype, but I type so much faster with less predictive errors with Swiftkey. 

  7. Chris V.
    June 16, 22:49 Reply

    I love SwiftKey X Beta, much better than others.

  8. Jimmy Li
    June 17, 01:26 Reply

    I have tried swype, because the lack of support for custom roms. Swiftkey X was good for me in the beginning but after many weird set ups with it, I got tired of that. Now it brings the flex t9 keyboard with dragon. This sucker swypes, but not that well lol, types and can take dictation like dragons do, and also does the graffiti. This has been my daily kb and really stable for me. But like the article said, it’s how you would use it.

  9. Hector De Jesus
    June 17, 03:26 Reply

    I started with Swype, then SwiftKey X, then Flex T9 when Amazon had it for free.  I installed Swype 3.0 and I personally think that they did a great job with the update.  They added the horizontal bar where you can select the word… finally.

  10. ingvarr
    June 17, 06:20 Reply

    Swype for the phone, Thumb Keyboard for the tablet.

  11. Boowalley
    June 17, 09:31 Reply

    Smartkeyboard Pro, hands down is my favorite.

  12. SantoTheWriter
    June 17, 12:44 Reply

    SwiftKey X Beta is my favorite. I like Swype, FlexT9 but dragging my finger around my Thunderbolt’s screen can get a bit tiresome.

  13. Francisco Cordova
    June 17, 18:37 Reply

    “Thick Buttons” is my fave. I fat finger everything. Came from a physical keyboard to a slab & that’s the only thing that hinders me..the virtual keyboard. I tried various keyboards from Swiftkey, Swype, & Smartkeyboard Pro but none worked out well for me. Read other keyboard reviews from other sources and Thick Buttons was one I hadn’t tried yet. Well it’s officially my fav virtual keyboard and made specifically for individuals with fat finger syndrome lol! Give it a go’s definetly worth the few duckets ya gotta spill for it. 😉

  14. Anonymous
    June 17, 23:34 Reply

    Yes i must agree with francisco thick buttons i would highly recommend as i have large fingers too thanks 


  15. Kcanderson12
    June 18, 17:04 Reply

    Still nothings beats the original Shapewriter. I used to have it on my original Moto Droid 1, and when I got my Thunderbolt I was devestated that it was no longer on the Market. I’ve used Swype 3.0, Flext9, just about everything out there and finally I just gave up and searched high and low for Shapewriter.apk. I even have it downloaded on my Xoom! That keyboard is by far my favorite, though I am currently testing Tablet Keyboard out now. The results are promising but not enough to surpass yet.

  16. Fee
    June 26, 22:12 Reply

    I was using “smart keyboard ” until I found “perfect keyboard”

  17. zengard
    July 06, 07:14 Reply

    Has anybody tried a newcomer called A.I.Type? Its new. Its cool. It beats SwiftKey. Try it.

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