Never Forget to Give a Caller an Important Message with CallReminder

If you are like me, you have been in the situation where you have been charged with passing along an important message or critical info to someone the next time you talk with them on the phone.  And, also like me, you have been in the situation where you have forgotten to pass said info along to the person.  Now, thankfully, there is an app for that.
A new app called CallReminder, allows you to set an important note or reminder to a contact, so that the next time they call you, or you call them, a note pops up on your device over the call dialogue, reminding you to give the info! It is a pretty slick little up, unobtrusive and responsive. I used it on 5 calls today, and was pleased with the results. The app is $2 on the Android Market, which may be a bit high in my opinion, but for my needs, is money well spent. Use our handy dandy download block to get the app now!


  • Mary Beth

    I definitely need this!

  • Chadi

    bytNotes does that and ads an option to dismiss the notes before answering or picking up.
    It is for $1 and is available in the market since 2000.

  • Codefrux Technologies

    Ya…We really need this….

  • Paulrobert49

    hey guys looks like very usefull…wooohoo i got an app recently from , with multiple utility features …m lovin it try out …ANDROID is Wow……..