Another Sign that Android is Taking Over the Mobile Universe

We had an interesting press release come across our desks today, concerning the company Pinger and it’s Textfree app for Android.  The gist of the press release was how fast it took the number of Android users to gain parity with the number of iPhone users using Textfree on Apple devices.  So how long do you think it took for the Android app to catch up?
Five months. Five months it took for the Android Textfree user base to match the iOS user base, and according to Pinger at least, Textfree is a pretty popular app in the App Store for iPhone.

Five months is awful fast, but that number needs to be tempered with the sheer number of Android devices on the market versus the number of iPhones out there. Android is winning for the major reason of the fact that there are over 200 handsets running Android on the market today. Still, it is certainly a cool number to look at, and shows how Android has become a real player in the mobile space.

Textfree is an app that allows users to send texts and calls for free over the internet, similar to Google Voice. Recently added was a way to tie in with your facebook chat box, allowing you to chat with your friends right in the app without leaving.

  • Imkman

    This is just a plug to griddle the cage and have this “new” app downloaded…. Both google and apple have better native apps.

    So if anything this posting is insaltting to the aroid community saying we are dumper because apple users figured out it’s a pointless app first… Their ios5 Now set to kill bbm and google already been on top of the ball in this regard. Let’s not forget how long ago grand central (google voice) Was purchased…

    Any all over the thought map now, goodnight

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