Android App RoundUp: Construction Apps

The guys over at Software Advice have compiled a list of the best Android apps available for those working in construction. Apparently, there aren’t that many apps out there for construction financing and estimating, but these guys have found the best of the best for everyone to see. So, anyone out there that’s into construction can check out the list here, and hopefully you’ll find something that’s helpful in that big project.

Any of you readers work in construction? What do you think of the apps listed?  Maybe you found a better one?

Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall! Big thanks to Derek for the tip as well!

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  • Santosh Krishna Kumar Tarlapal

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  • Prolific Methods

    These are all great apps! One app that they did miss is “Pitch Gauge,” which is used pretty heavily within the roofing industry. It can be downloaded here at… or you can learn more about it by watching this short video:

  • andy

    how about skitch its where you can add dimensions and notes to a photo and then share via email.

  • Cherie

    There’s an app called Cubic Measurement that’s also really useful for builders:

    It’s only available on Android, unfortunately (not iPhones yet) but it’s a really good one. Say you need to fill a hole with concrete but it’s a weird shape and you need to know how much cement to buy. This app works it out for you!