New Developing Tool to Create Apps Without Android SDK or Java Knowledge

TigaByte has just announced the launch of a new software tool, called HyperNext Android Creator (HAC). Essentially, it will enable developers to build apps for the Android Market without the need for learning Java or dealing with the complicated Android SDK. HAC brings the ability to create apps screen-by-screen, much like Google’s App Inventor. It’s mostly aimed at beginner developers.

The free trial version of HAC can be downloaded from here, but it doesn’t allow uploading to the Market. For that, you’ll need the full version, which will run you a heft $59.95. At the moment, HAC is only available for Windows machines, but an OS X version is “coming soon”. We’re being told that HAC will be updated as Android continues to develop and evolve, which is more or less all the time. More on this as it develops.

So, any beginner devs out there excited to give HAC a try? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook Wall! The full press release can also be found below. Thanks to Malcolm McQuoid for the tip.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release”]TigaByte launches HyperNext Android Creator
Software developer TigaByte Software today launched the first version of its Android software creation system for the Windows PC platform. The development is based on its long running HyperNext Studio for Windows and OS X.

HyperNext Android Creator (HAC) is an easy to use software creation system that allows almost anyone, to quickly start building their own Android apps without the need to learn Java or the complex Android SDK.

HAC has an integrated visual designer for creating screens plus an easy to learn English-like language aimed at beginner programmers. Based on HyperNext it also has lots of potential for more advanced programmers.

This first release of HAC lets users build apps for Android Market in just a few steps from writing their  app to signing it. It uses the core functionality from HyperNext Studio and over the coming months will rapidly improve as more functionality is added to keep pace with the rapid development of the Android OS.

A free trial version of HyperNext Android Creator can be downloaded from the website and allows Android apps to be built for both Android devices and the Emulator. It limits app run times to 5 minutes and does not allow apps to be uploaded to Android Market.

The full version of HAC for Windows platform can be purchased on the website for $59.95[/spoiler]

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  1. J. Singleton
    June 17, 17:21 Reply

    Booooo! No Mac version yet.  Says Coming Soon, but no ETA or hints of how long.  So my uber-noob review will have to wait.

    • Vistameridian
      June 20, 16:38 Reply

      Yeah insult to real developers, Been to android market lately and see all those real apps by real developers? Like Hunter stated, “get over yourself” and deal with it. 
      I ve used every 3rd part email client for android and yet to see one that meet my specific need, Maybe I can now do it myself. And I will

  2. Computechx
    June 17, 17:40 Reply

    Don’t own a Windows PC. So they won’t be getting my money.

    • Hunter
      June 19, 21:06 Reply

      Dude get over yourself. People that are not developers come up with great ideas for apps every day. Why should they have to pay someone to create them if there is a way for them to do it themselves. This sort of attitude is what keeps open source software from moving forward.

    • Hunter
      June 19, 21:06 Reply

      Dude get over yourself. People that are not developers come up with great ideas for apps every day. Why should they have to pay someone to create them if there is a way for them to do it themselves. This sort of attitude is what keeps open source software from moving forward.

    • Adisharr
      November 15, 09:18 Reply

      That’s like saying Paint is an insult to professional artists. If you’re worried this is going to cut into your business then your in the wrong market.

  3. Charleschia1
    June 19, 01:51 Reply

    Wow! its a wonderful user-friendly andriod apps devlopment software for newbie like me. I have been looking out for such a software and bang I finally found  it. definitely try it out.


  4. Spartacus
    June 20, 18:51 Reply

    Looks like something I may use so my kids (oldest is 8) can create their own apps.

  5. APT_Dev
    July 01, 11:44 Reply

    Hello Developers, this is no insult to anyone nor its take away jobs….its just that a wonderful idea for people like me how are looking for some small thing to be created and used @ home/office

  6. Javier
    July 08, 06:42 Reply

    I remember the days i used to create apps in c or cobol. Microsoft launched Access and Visual Basic. Same revolution and simplicity happens now for people who want to create simple apps with app inventor or similar dev tools.

  7. Anonymous
    August 30, 11:42 Reply

    Snappii apps are very easy to develop and they don’t cost much.

  8. notchent
    November 12, 14:24 Reply

    Looks cool. I like RFO Basic! – it probably fills a similar niche: simple coding, without visual building, but no PC required.

  9. shubas
    January 24, 14:15 Reply

    This software is not available for trail download anymore. Too bad.

  10. Vlad Weber
    June 25, 13:30 Reply

    Web apps are hot today, many companies are using html5 apps for their businesses. But hiring a developer is too expensive. I used to make really cool html5 apps and so fast! Takes a few minutes and the live app is right there in front of you! The easiest and fastest way to get not only web but also native apps.

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