HTC Using Google Goggles to Promote Sensation 4G


HTC has become one of the latest companies to embrace having their marketing efforts “Goggles Enabled” to help generate interest in the products.  Some of you may recall five companies (Buick, Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile and Delta Air Lines) jumping on board with the technology back in the fall.  In a nutshell, it combines offline marketing with mobile to give consumers additional information.  Information in these cases could result in pictures, videos, coupons, web links, and more.  

HTC’s current campaign for the Sensation 4G (T-Mobile)  employs the Goggles enhancement, giving users access to downloadable music, videos and creative content.  The first ads have started trickling out in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, SPIN, WIRED, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, and People.  If you have Google Goggles on your phone, you can scan the image below (From GQ magazine) and listen to/download an MP3 from Boxer Rebellion.

We also noticed on the HTC mobile page for this campaign that there are ads for TV, digital, Pandora, and more.  It appears that you can “collect” the different ads and unlockable content, a move sure to please you “gotta have ’em all” types.

Have you encountered one of these Goggles Enabled ads for the Sensation?  Where was it and what did you unlock?

UPDATE: The recent commercial that’s airing on television features the Goggles logo and tells us when to snap a picture.  Doing so unlocks a wallpaper and a pair of songs.



  1. I’ve seen this add, but it is so quick you almost need to run the DVR back to snap the pic. I almost refuse to watch commercials, let alone rewind one to go to an add. I’ve seen the same type of add with Shazaam support and its the same thing.

    TV adds are too fast, trying to jam as much in to a 30 second period as they can. Old media trying to stay relevant.