The WiFi XOOM Gets the Google Movie Player…But No Movies?


This morning I awoke to a brand new application in the Android Market: Google Video.  I can browse movies and even see the ones that I have on my XOOM, but it takes me to the web interface and not a native rental store.  Plus, the Market states that only the Verizon version (say that five times fast) is supported for movie rental and playback.

Anybody out there get this working yet, or did this one get out of the GooglePlex in the dead of night?

Update: I’ve gotten some conflicting reports about the Video app…people are reporting it but I haven’t seen it yet.  App version of a Canadian girlfriend.

  • Not seeing this app at

  • Blake B.

    Looks like it has been fixed and working on the XOOM.  Even better, there is now a “Movies” tab on the market app along with “Apps” and “Books”.

    • Samuel Herren

      Not showing up on mine yet, but I’ll keep checking…thanks Blake!

  • Frosty1216

    Yeah I opened the market to find some apps, and it asked me to accept the terms and conditions and there it was, the movies tab 😀 

  • It is working on mine.

  • Samuel Herren

    Still, no joy for me.

    • Herren Sam

      Got it!

  • Codefrux Technologies

    Not seeing this app….