Yahoo AppSpot Recommends Other Android Apps to User


Today, Yahoo released an Android application, AppSpot, which is designed to recommend other Android applications to users.  Recommendations are based on installed applications, app-related queries, and trending apps.  To help cut to the chase, AppSpot breaks things down into twenty individual categories, including Sports, Medical, Entertainment, and Productivity.

How does an app like this sound to you?  Any chances you’ll be downloading AppSpot to help you figure out what you should be checking out?  Perhaps it’s not beneficial to you or you already get something similar out of AppBrain.  Eithe way, leave your comments below or on our Facebook wall.

Source: CNET


  1. It does not work on the HTC Wildfire. Why would something so simple need a newer or more powerful android phone?

  2. Could someone explain why they deided to to recommend OutNumbered (some kind of math brain teaser) when all my other apps are music related? or is this just a new advertising channel??