Ivona Paving the Way to Have Snoop Dogg Give Provide Spoken Turn-by-Turn Directions

I know that all of you out there that use Google Navigation frequently have been longing for the ability to change the voice pack that comes with the app.  Now there is a 3rd party company called Ivona that has released a text to speech app that allows you to install more pleasing voices to sooth you during your hectic commute. 

While you cannot install voices like Snoop Dog (sorry for the drop there, but you get where I was going), there are different natural sounding voices with various accents, as well as some other languages which can be useful if you don’t know English, which if that is the case you will have trouble reading this article……but I digress.

Ivona has such accent and language packs as US, UK, Polish, German, Spanish Euro and Spanish US to offer in the Market. All for free.

In addition to spoken navigation commands, the app allows any app that can use text to speech to take advantage of the language packs it offers. Want that Harry Potter book read to you in a British voice to make it more “realistic”, you got it.

The app and it’s packs are available for free on the Market. Having used the US and UK to read books back to me, I can say it works pretty well.

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  1. George Garrett
    June 21, 20:05 Reply

    Having a heck of a time getting this to install.  I think the IVONA software is great, but the Kendra US voice pack keeps telling me no more room to download… the file size is 32 MB…. and still going.  Not sure my Nexus One can handle it :(

  2. Anonymous
    June 22, 14:18 Reply

    “Continya up da skreet and hang a leftizzle at the intrasizzle.”

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