MyTouch 4G Slide Surfaces in Clearer Photos

Ahh, the MyTouch 4G Slide. We first heard about it via that leaked T-Mo roadmap last month, with the codename “Doubleshot”. As we learned more, we got a blurry look at the actual device just a few weeks ago. Well, the MT4GS has posed for another photo op, and this time we actually get a good look at what’s shaping up to be a nice little device.

First things first: according to an inside source for TmoNews, the phone will be sporting Gingerbread, with a Sense UI that’s similar to the Sensation 4G, but with some MyTouch customizations. The device is said to be surprisingly fast, although we’re still not sure what type of processor it’ll bring to the table, and the keyboard is described as “much like the G2”, and easy to use. Apparently the Slide weighs a tad more than the G2, although that’s understandable, since the G2 doesn’t have the normal sliding mechanism that we see on this device.

Still no word on the screen size or resolution, although it looks similar to the original MT4G. As you can see, it’s rocking an 8MP rear camera with a dual LED flash, and a front-facing camera that’s probably somewhere around 1.3MP.

So, we don’t know what kind of processing power it’ll have just yet, but who’s excited for the MyTouch 4G Slide? I know I am! Leave a comment below, or on our Facebook Wall!