Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review, simply put, BUY IT NOW!

These ladies are smiling for a very good reason, and yes it has to do with the awesome tech toys they have in their hands from Samsung.

After the break you will find my video review of the newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Long story short?  Run, don’t walk, to your local Best Buy to pick this up if you are in the market for a tablet.  This unit is one of the best that I have been privileged to use that is powered by Android.  Priced at $499 for the 16GB model, this Honeycomb powered bundle of awesomeness is the first tablet that I have seen that has gotten the pricing scheme right, and, if marketed right, will give the iPad a run for it’s money.  Check out the full report after the break.

Check out the video below.

  • Nice review Ray, really jealous of anyone getting one of these, hah my Xoom is looking chunkier by the minute. One thing you didn’t mention though is this isn’t pure stock Honeycomb is it? The camera app is definitely custom; also isn’t touchwiz going to be added to it at some point? I think its launching with touchwiz here in the UK 

    • Wingcmdr

      The latest Android version on the Tab is stock Honeycomb, supposedly there will be an update later with the Samsung stuff/infestation.

  • I’m Danish and I’m curious about your dialect. You have a very specific way of saying “there”, is that a state thing or is that just you? 😉 If state, which one? I think I kinda recognise is from JFK but am not sure, sorry about this STUPID question, but really am curious.

    • Wingcmdr

      Funny question.  He sounds like he’s from Massachusetts, the same state that JKF and the Kennedys’ are from.  When he says “hardware,” that is a definite clue, as well as the Boston Wings logo when he showed the camera.

    • Not stupid at all.  I am from the Boston area, which is where I get my accent.  Which would fall in line with your JFK theory lol.  Thanks for reading and watching!

      • haha, I KNEW you were from New England… just wasn’t 100% sure where. You could almost pass for someone from southern Maine. The word “hardware” gives you away. 🙂

  • tyo

    Nice video ray, I can’t wait any longer to see the device in my country 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Please, buy it from anyone but Best Buy. Like, say Amazon. You’ll avoid the sales tax and you won’t support exploitative buttholes who claim they own the word ‘Geek’ and donate heavily to evil causes.

  • Guest

    So you have a plasticy iPad-looking tablet (complete with a proprietary 30-pin connector–  and you wonder why Apple is suing you, Samsung) that runs the garbage known as Honeycomb.  Sorry, but it is.  Got nothing against Android, used a G1 for years and eventually even put Cyanogen Froyo on it before upgrading to my G2, but Honeycomb isn’t going to allow for any “iPad killers”.  Good luck on Icecream Sandwich.

  • I use Samsung galaxy tab one of my friend and I fell a great experience and I have a plan to buy it very soon du to its high tech…

  • Again we all know the Asus Transformer is the best and most popular Android tablet. Come on, there hasnt been a device since the ipad that has been completely sold out everywhere and almost impossible to get. Now the Galaxy Tab might be put together a bit better, but again when everyone is using the same EXACT hardware specs?  Im also thinking the Galaxy Tab isnt gonna be hack and XDA friendly due to no SD slot, come on what is this a big nexus S (which I own and love) Whats the deal with Rooting this?

    • Shadeoblac

      Sorry Nick, where there’s a will XDA will find a way. Mine is already rooted and running a custom rom even with a locked bootloader. 

  • Anonymous

    Asus Eee Pad Transformer is still better than Galaxy Tab 10.1…  Samsung still sucks on software support!!!

  • Asus Transformer > all

  • Before a couple of years I don’t like to use Samsung products because one of Samsung mobile phone was troubling from 7th day of purchase,but when my friend gave me explanation my perception will change from that day and I bought galaxy tab before two days..

  • Amazing tips about Samsung Galaxy Tab! This post gave me an idea, now I know what kind of tab to buy. 🙂

  • I wana to watch video of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but I don’t find here,I think something is wrong here,Ably stuff..

  • I already use many Samsung products and I’m satisfied with them but Its a new product in Samsung product list,Let I check the market report to buy it…

  • Hey thanks to this valuable info I am waiting from a long time to buy Samsung galaxy tablet because I Samsung is so reliable brand for me and I never find issue with me and I hope its suits on  my personality..

  • I’ve gone through its features and I find its gives a good competition to Apple product,But both have a different preference and different target audience…..let see results

  • crowd SPRING

    Wow this Samsung galaxy tab is superb with its awesome and amazing features!The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now in stores, and reviewers agree ..thats really nice news!

  • Samsung is well renowned brand all over the world but I think its a first step for Samsung in Galaxy Tab and I hope it durable as Samsung mobiles..

  • The things I am most excited for are the dual-core
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  • Obamasucks

    Im not happy with mine. Browser crashes, images have wrong thumbnails attached, mpg 4 vids won’t import into stock movie maker program, the crap PowerPoint sw makes it impossible to import a ppt file and keep as sent formatting. Presentations are so screwed up I cannot even edit them without going to my laptop. That was a key reason to buy it. Yes it connects to gmail and plays flash.
    Sounds like time to out it on eBay.

    Google you need to get back to work asap.

  • Android tablet from Samsung is looking very nice and I go through its features that are also very nice and attractive,Samsung is world renowned brand and I hope Samsung proves his quality in iPad also as they prove in mobile phones…

  • Samsung Galaxy tab is really very nice device and it have all best features with latest technology, Let see its market report..

  • Samsung Galaxy tab is really very nice device and it have all best features with latest technology, Let see its market report..

  • Samsung Galaxy tab is really very nice device and it have all best features with latest technology, Let see its market report..

  • Samsung Galaxy tab is really very nice device and it have all best features with latest technology, Let see its market report..

  • Mike37

    I’ve been an iPhone and iPad user for years and I switched my iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S2 recently and i’m very pleased with it.  I think that both iOS and Android are good, they both have their advantages and draw backs. I like the flexibility and level of customization of Android.    So, thinking that the Galaxy tab 10.1 would nicely replace my iPad 2, I bought one last friday… and i’m ready to return it today.  Such a disappointment. First of all, the UI is not fluid.  Compared with iOS on iPad 2, everything lags, which is not giving a good user experience.  In this area, I think that Android Tablet makers still have a lot of work to do on adjusting their hardware to the software.  The galaxy Tab has higher technical specs than the iPad 2 on the paper but the UI does not reflect this at all. Second, the Market place: few apps optimized for 10″ screens and the quality of the apps are far behind the quality of apps found on the Apple App store.  Third, the 16:9 aspect ratio.  I like to read magazines on my tablet and the 16:9 aspect ratio is definitely not good for this function.  Due to the fact that most magazines have a 4:3 aspect ratio, they are not able to fill the screen, you have to zoom in and out all the time.  

  • Fly fishing

    Pretty good.  Sam sung has launched good varieties  but it might be a good time to give it a try now. Just one concern more is thathow it will depreciate. Hope thats not too fast!

  • Johnnybgood

    Galaxy tab 10.1 is garbage, no readers hub and the games i seen played in the videos don’t work, returned it 5 days later

  • Samung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is amazing with great features and is powered by Android. It gives a gresat competition to Apple product. i think it will have a good demand in market.

  • Wolverine66

    i just got my galaxy for free from telus.  it is the most useless piece of junk i could have ever imagined.  i seriously would not pay one cent for this thing.  it does nothing well:
     – the internet won’t load linked attachments
     – e-mail is laughably bad, completely and totally unusable
     – the camera is a joke – no zoom
     – figuring out how to delete all the ridiculous “widgets” (how gay is that) took an hour

    basically nothing is intuitive or useful

    complete and total garbage

    what were they thinking?????