AT&T GoPhone Announces $50 Unlimited Talk, Text & Web Plan

AT&T has announced a new pre-paid option for GoPhone customers today in the $50 Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web Plan.  The bundle goes into effect on June 26th and includes unlimited text and IM to Mexico, Canada and another 100 additional countries.  Existing customers will be eligible to switch over should they find the new rate appealing.  This unlimited plan sounds like a perfect plan for those of you who are considering the Android 2.2-powered LG Thrive.

Source: press release

  • Theweakend

    Now is that 3g web?

  • Anonymous

    Just for once can ATT take a little time, and focus on the seniors of the country. I know the money’s in the data, and that the amount of money to be made out of pensioners is small, but still. Every time I read there’s a brand new special being offered by a carrier – it turns out to be ferndangled unlimited plan, with data on the side. It’s all fine and well that tracfone offer their SVC brand, but they’re the only ones – c’mon big blue, there’s other markets too.

    • Anonymous

      You should maybe have this conversation with Verizon instead. As it stands the SVC tracfone plan you speak of is basically just a cheaper version of AT&T prepaid….let me explain; AT&T have almost 25% shares in America Movil, the company that owns tracfone. More than 70% of tracfone’s subscribers make use of AT&T’s network infrastructure, and all of the SVC phones are tied to AT&T…I understand your ire, but do direct it elsewhere.

  • Tjr

    ATT has this disclaimer (note below) for the go phone 50 ttw plan. What’s interesting is  whats said after the first sentence, which seems to be a loophole to force you to stay in a crappy ttw plan even if the data plan sucks. Basically you pay for a new phone -which will be smart. then find out they sold you shitty hacked down version of their regular data plan. Then when you say fine I’ll just go back to my basic talk/text -They say NO WAY -you got this smart phone so we get to keep you locked in. These wireless companies need to be regulated. gophone-offer-details.jspA smartphone device requires an eligible Talk or Talk and Text plan. If it is determined that you are using a smartphone without an eligible Talk or Talk and Text plan, AT&T reserves the right to switch you to a comparable plan, and deduct the appropriate fees from your account balance. If a comparable Talk or Talk and Text plan is not available, you will be switched to the 10¢/Minute Plan. If your account balance is insufficient to pay the plan charge, you will be unable to use any services until you refill your account with the applicable amount. If you want to use data services on your smartphone, a Data Feature Package is required. Pay-per-use data services are not available for smartphones.

    • Tjr

      This is att’s response to Verizons Unleashed 50 dollar per month talk text and data. You get the access for 50 bucks per month -but what they dont tell you is…  YOU MUST PAY Extra for their SPECIAL APP to get to the web data. You cant use something else. Their program is a crappy search portal some high school kid wrote during a summer of smoking pot and looking at porno. Seriously it sucks!! You are basically buying a new phone at the NO-Contract price…GREAT!! and then getting unlimited text and voice, because that data is virtually unavailable. data will just be something everyone else has -except you will be paying for it.

  • Trong

    Just bought an AT&T smart phone with unlimited talk, text, web for $50 for my teenage daughter. Sound good till I go home and tried WEB access. It said I have to buy Data package. I called customer services and they said unlimited web not available on smart phones (only on Stupid phones). Nobody told me about that at AT&T store. Now I have to return the phone ($35 restocking fee) add a line for 9.99 and & $20  for data. It still cheaper than the Go phone scam.