Galaxy Tab 10.1 Headed to Sprint on July 24th

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1

Sprint has officially announced the arrival of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It’ll be available in a 16GB WiFi version for around $499, and will be available in Sprint stores starting on July 24th.

We should note that a software update is being planned by Sammy for this summer, and it’s unclear whether the Tab 10.1 will launch with the update preinstalled. The update is said to bring Samsung’s Media Hub, as well as some bug fixes and “user experience enhancements”. More on this as it develops.

So, any of our readers out there excited to see the Tab 10.1 going to Sprint? Jealous it’s not headed to your carrier? Sound off in the comments below or on our Facebook Wall!

Source BusinessWire

  • Guest

    Why would anyone care that the Wi-Fi only version comes to Sprint one month after the same Wi-Fi version is available at Best Buy and other retailers?  Am I missing something that makes this version carrier specific?  

    At least the actual announcement from Sprint says that it’s going to be available through some Sprint channels (e.g. the website) on June 24th.  Retail stores on July 24th.  That makes a little more sense.  But, as far as I can tell, it’s still ‘who cares?’ since there’s nothing unique about this version.

  • Juancosornio

    I thought this was going to be a 3g tab meaby 4g with contract. It’s the same wifi version as in best buy. Sucks ill wait for the HTC view 4g.