Leader International’s Impression 10 “Budget Tablet”

Today Leader International Inc. announced their new “Budget Tablet”, the Impression 10. The Impression 10 offers some high quality features that tablets like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 are offering,  namely a large capacitive touchscreen, a camera, Flash, and IPS Display.   Sounds awesome right?  Would it impress you even more to learn that it has a sticker of $350.00 where other companies are asking $500 or more for 10-inch tablets?

The Impression 10 sounds all nice and dandy at first, but it’s the little things that may doom it before arrival.  Sadly, this tablet only runs Android 2.2 Froyo and there is no Android Market access. This means you are going to be running a stretched out OS on your tablet, the exact reason for Android 3.X (Honeycomb). Also, since there is no Android Market on this device, applications are going to have to be side-loaded, which for the average user, can be a big chore.

Overall, Leader International Inc. should be applauded for their efforts, even if they do fall a bit short.  Still, a budget tablet like the Impression 10 may be a decent pick up for some at $350.  We get the sense that a lot of you readers would rather pay the extra $150 and grab yourself a dual-core Honeycomb tablet.


Source: Press Release

  • Joshua Goodman

    ASUS eee Pad Transformer – $399

  • The video for this is painfully inaccurate, lol shows a mix of FroYo and Honeycomb, very misleading

    • Grex0

      I guess you can’t upgrade the Impression to honeycomb?

  • WoW….whats with using windows 8 touchscreen swiping to switch between apps? 

  • Mr.BeerME

    Just got mine….love it! had a problem updating the firmware since they never sent instructions about re-formatting the SD card first. Had to wipe it and then re-install the programs. Kind of inconvienant. But after all that I must say I completely love it. right out of the box the desktop has a virtual backgroud where water actually ripples as you move your icons around. easy to use….tons of aps once you install the mazon android app store…works wonderful.



      • john

        you would have to make your own RoM or img file which isnt hard goto
        click the download the SDK Starter Package (you also need the java jdk)
        and then you can just open the program select the distro version you want then create it

        • hammcastle

          Do you need the device specific binaries to do this, or did you use the binaries for an already supported device?

      • tamalamb1

        i think you have to have a duel core tablet to run honeycomb at least thats what i gather from artical at the top of my page about the impression

    • Elizabeth spruel

      I have this same tablet and have no clue how to wipe out the harddrive so that i can add my apps from the android market. Please help, this thing is driving me crazy. I want to like it as you do! 🙂

  • Champean

    I just got this tablet, but I have problem with USB port. Can’t read my file. Tried on my other laptop and it works, so not the thumbdrive. Please help.

  • Ngoron

    Is there way to install android market on the Impression? 

    • John

      there is but you have to root the tablet and as far as i can tell jump through heaven and hell to do but you could just download applanet. its not as good as the android market but not as usless as sam

  • Ngoron

    Does amazon offer any google apps? I can’t seem to find any.

    • Francisco Estrella

      try the installed tablet app store called slide 4.0 it should b on  the menu screen

  • trbbs

    i need help with my email setup



  • Lotasuds2

    Anyone know what format this tablet uses for music. Every song I put say this tablet can’t reconize it

  • jpjm33

    Got the Impression 9.7 for Christmas. Connection problems with the internet, never did lock on to my IP. Tried calling service at Impression ,, either put on hold (recording) or the line was busy. E-mailed them, nothing came back. Great display/touch screen though. But seemed to have a mind of it’s own at times. One USB port didn’t work. Returned to store.  

  • Chris_amber01

    Got this tablet for my wife for Christmas, sadly to say you get what you paid for. For one you cant download Android apps?? The tablet freezes daily, have to hit the reset button to unfreeze. Tech support is a joke, you always get someone from another country not understanding what you are asking. I will more than likely return for a refund to HSN, but am worried about losing the paid for amazon apps the wife downloaded for the kids. Are apps even retreiveable from another tablet if I bought one?? hhmm  Bottom line, spent the extra 150 and get something better. 

    • Lovey2312

      I have this tablet as well. It’s not bad but a lot of the apps I get amazon “forseclose” on me. Honestly there are $150 tablets out there that are just as goo as this one, but if I could use all the apps from amazon I would keep it. To answer you question you should be able to retrieve them as long as you another android tablet that supports the amazon app store. My daughter got a kindle fire for Christmas and all of her apps show up in the market place when I open it asking me if I’d like to install them.

      I am at a loss to what tablet to get I am typing this review on my new iPad 2 but I’m still not in love with it like I was hoping for, for the $500 plus price tag. I am leaning towards acer can get a refurbished one for $299.

    • wrong Impression

      I ordered the Impressions 10in. Tablet from HSN on 12-03-11 received it on 12-10-11.  From the very beginning I had difficulties connecting to the internet.  I have 2-Wire from AT&T and its one of the best internet connections.  I called Leader International Inc. several times to fix the problem no luck even though it said I had a connection it would connect for a short period of time then drop. Finally I had to send it to Leader under my 1 year warranty paying $20 to send it through UPS which I felt was ridiculous because it was a brand new out the box and they should of payed for the shipping to and fro.  I received another one 12-30-11 and guess what still no connection also it has lines down the side where the screen of the tablet should be centered it breaks up the picture or what ever you click on the front of the tablet. Called them again today 1-3-12 reset it back to factory and still the same problem. Im done ITS GOTTA GO!  I wouldnt of kept it anyway because Im not paying $350 and the screen has lines in it.  So back to HSN it goes before 1-31-12 to get my money back.

      • not2happy

        I bought one for x-mas for my daughter.  Had intermittent connection problems too.  Loaded some stuff to test it, but now need to wipe it.  How do you wipe / factory reset it?  I can’t find it anywhere in the settings!

  • Jbaxter4

    i got the impressoin i10 for christmas not to bad for the money. as far as loading apps, i have an androin phone so you can download apps on your other android device also download esfile explorer free app on the market. you can then use esfile to backup apk file run es touch app manager then press and hold the app you want to backup it will give a popup menu press backup it will make an apk file in the back up directory on the device. you can then hook to pc and tranfer to impression tablet, then use apk installer on tablet to install the app. its not as hard as it sounds a little work and most apps work fine. also plays mp4 movies quite well. bottom line if you have the extra money spend it buy a better tab, if not learn to make this one work

  • My son got this tablet for Christmas and really likes it except for one problem.  He forgot his unlock code and now we can not unlock it.  Is there something we can do to get it opened!  Tried to reset it but does not affect the lock. Need help please!

  • Wowwater

    What is the stop card on the Impression tablet

  • javielopr

    lol this tablet cost 99 usd i get lots of them for this price lol

  • danielle

    i lock mine up is there a way i can unlock with out my google account because i for got that 2

  • zoomxoom

    i tried to update it… and now when i want to turn it on it doesn’t does anyone know what to do?

  • Karen

    Please help. I have called 1-888-733-3312. Sent a letter to Leader International Inc. 225 s. Lake Avenue Suite 300 Pasadena, CA 91101 that was returned? I can’t get the tablet to turn on?

    • D

      I am having the same issue. worked fine a few times went off and have not been able to turn it back on. any help??? I also tried the 888 # and tried the web site on the card given

  • Ashell

    Won’t turn ON or take a charge?

  • Ashell

    Phone number and address are NOT correct on user Manual?

  • Ashell

    Want my money back!