Record TV on your Android Device with Vulkano Flow

How would you like to record TV directly onto your Android phones and tablets? With Monsoon Mutimedia’s new Vulkano Flow accessory for your TV, you can record your favorite TV programs straight to your Android phone and tablet over WiFi. The Vulkano Flow will be easy to setup and only $99 for the accessory. Not only will the Vulkano Flow record TV on your Android device, but you can still also stream TV straight to your device via the accessory. For this service to work, you will also need to purchase the $12 application for your devices.

This service should be available now, so grab the app out of the Android Market and get started!

Source: Press Release

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  1. nicole.vega
    July 09, 04:35 Reply

    $99 is not bad but I got a free Sling Adapter and app from my job
    at DISH Network and I love it! It’s liberated me from my couch and I never miss
    any of my Colorado Rockies games or any of my favorite TV shows because I’m out
    of the house. DISH still has a free Sling Adapter offer going on if you too
    want to enjoy your TV while being out and about.

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