Best Buy Announces its Music Cloud Service

Thanks to Best Buy, Android users now have yet another metaphor wielding service in which to upload their music libraries to. Introducing “Best Buy Music Cloud,” a cross-platform music service that allows Android, Apple (no premium service for you), and Blackberry users access to their digital music collection on-the-go. BBMC is being offered in a “web player only” lite version which will be free of charge along with an “all-you-can-eat” $3.99 a month subscription option. As per most other “music cloud services,” users will be able to upload their libraries, playlists, etc. and then access them virtually anywhere from various devices whether online or offline. There is no word yet on storage restrictions but it will be interesting to see how it compares to Amazon’s offerings. At just about $4 dollars a month Best Buy will need to give users at least 50GB of storage for it to be competitive with Amazon’s service.

Did we really need another ‘music cloud?” Probably not. Will we see more in the future? Almost definitely. It’s pretty stupefying to see technology moving towards this data consumption smorgasbord while the companies providing us access to this data move towards caps, restrictions, and full blown price gouging. It’s sad really, and becomes more of a hindrance of innovation and use rather than a proponent. I can see it now, next step: Do away with external memory and fail to provide enough internal, forcing users to the “cloud” so it can rain cash to keep the corporate greed rivers flowing. /rant

For those of you who have been waiting for Best Buy to release a “music cloud service” or those who divide their libraries between services to save money, follow the link below to commence uploading.

Source: Best Buy Music Cloud

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    Now, if I could just get back the hours I spent helping my family wrestle with their i-Tunes accounts !

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