Check Your Doorstep! Pre-Ordered EVO 3D Handsets Arriving!


We need your feedback on this one!  Android Central is reporting that some of their readers that pre-ordered the new hotness that is the EVO 3D have been receiving them in the mail!  If you pre-ordered yours, can you confirm for us that you are indeed set to receive or have gotten yours?  We are really excited to see this handset and want to get your opinion on it!  Let us know in the comments.

Credit for the story goes to Android Central.

  • Koiutree

    I got mine today 🙂 and i am happy i did the upgrade from the evo 4g. The build seems better than the evo 4G but i am not to crazy about the 3D part of my new evo. But i will continue to test it out. It did had an example 3D game of spider man but it was too short and the movie “The Green Hornet”  i have not been able to play because it is missing from the HTC store thing. For the first time i am liking some of the new improvements that Sences3.0 has!! The call quality is not too good but when i rooted my old evo 4g and installed CM it did improve a lot.