EVO Shift Getting Gingerbread AS PROMISED! (is the rapture happening?)

Well color me impressed, there is a mobile carrier out there that has actually met it’s self imposed and promised deadline to bring an OS update to and Android device.  You lucky EVO Shift owners, (and lucky for more than the update since the shift is an awesome handset), can now manually download a gingerbread update on your handsets. Kudos to Sprint and HTC for making it happen, and for coming through on their promises!

Phandroid is reporting that several of their readers are indicating that they have been able to upgrade successfully using the update software in the about phone dialog on their handsets, so credit needs to go them for the story.  What are you waiting for?  Get updating and let us know how it went in the comments!

  • I got mine updated yesterday and I love the enhancements, especially the power saving enhancements since this phone eats through my battery so fast!

  • Toccara Shine-Dees

    I updated my device yesterday and it was well worth the 6 failed attempts. Im not sure why it didnt work those times but I finally got it. The device is very user friendly compared to say the Samsung Transform or the Intercept (other devices I had the displeasure of using) but with the gingerbread update, its beyond smooth sailing! Way to go Sprint!