October 24, 2014

Motorola Addresses Concerns Over U.S. XOOM SD Support

Following their recent announcement on Facebook that 3.1 is starting to roll out to non-U.S. Xooms with SD card support, some Americans are up in arms about why they haven’t got support for theirs yet. Motorola took to Twitter to address this, saying:

Google is refining the SD card solution for U.S.-based Motorola XOOM devices & we’ll share timing info as soon it’s available

Now, I flashed my Xoom software from the UK rom to the U.S. one just the other day, and I can’t say I’m annoyed. With Google Music Beta, I’ve hardly used up any storage on my Xoom so, I have no need for the SD slot yet. Also, those who are confused as to why the U.S. ROM didn’t get the support with 3.1, it’s because the Xoom is only a Google Experience Device in America. So Google controls the software on it, whereas everywhere else, Moto can customize it how they want, thus adding their own SD support like ASUS with the Transformer.

I’m still glad I flashed the U.S. ROM, as I know I’ll get timely updates now, especially with 3.2 and ICS coming up. Whereas with the rest of the Xooms, their future in regards to updates isn’t quite as certain, and will take longer to come, if they even get them.

What do you guys think? Do you need SD support right now? Or are you fine with waiting a little bit longer and knowing you will be getting updates straight from Google with their own SD support solution? Let us know below or on our Facebook Wall!

Source: Twitter