HTC Announces EVO 4G+ for South Korea

HTC announced a new handset for their Korean market late last night with a very EVO 3D/Sensation-like spec sheet. For all practical purposes, this EVO 4G+ is a Sensation in EVO 3D’s body (Yeah, we know they were nearly identical to begin with). Hardware features a 4.3-inch display, 8-megapixel camera, the newest Sense UI and, support for the South Korean WiBRO data network.

We get that users drive innovation and that people creating 3D YouTube videos is what it will take to make 3D standard in televisions and displays. However, HTC and other players need to know that not everyone necessarily wants the feature. Hopefully, we’ll get this non-3D version here in the states.

How many of you would swap out a 3D-capable 5-megapixel camera for a good ol’ fashioned 8-megapixel shooter?

Source: HTC (be sure to translate!)

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  1. Kawaski47
    June 26, 20:48 Reply

    We don’t necessarily need this phone in the states since we have the option to turn off 3d and essentially never need to turn it back on. And as far as the camera goes. Jus because it has a greater mp number ie: 8 vs 5, does not mean 8mp is automatically better! Example? The iphones 5mp takes amazing pictures and imo stomps all over the OG EVO camera. They should focus on camera hardware rather on sheer mp

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