HTC Evo 3D Bloatware Can be Removed Without Root

This is either a step in the right direction or a fluke. It seems that the HTC Evo 3D has something that past Sprint devices lack: the ability to simply uninstall bloatware programs that come with the device. You don’t even need to root the darn thing. It’s as simple as going into Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, select the app that you want to get rid of, and Uninstall. Yeah, it’s really that simple.

Now, this could mean that HTC and Sprint have heard their customers’ complaints about bloatware and are now making the programs optional, or it could be that HTC just forgot to disable this feature on the Evo 3D before releasing it. Personally, I’m going with the first one. So, if you’ve gotten your Evo 3D already, and you don’t want that blasted Nascar app, just uninstall it. Any of our readers tried this method yet? Surprised that HTC and Sprint allowed bloatware to be removed without root? Sound off in the comments below or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Android Central

  • Sbarney

    You need to be familiar with how the Android system works. When applications are put on the ROM, they’re embedded in the directory structure of the rest of the OS. It’s a different disk partition. There is no way, without root, to write to that area, and writing includes deleting.

    What this really means is that these apps were installed to the user area, where the rest of the apps go when you download from the market, sideload using a manual download, or even use adb to push it to the handset.

    It is not a feature that is simply enabled or disabled at whim, left enabled just to be difficult, as you suggest.

  • Jakewoodblues

    Now if only they do that for we Evo 4g users

  • Anonymous

    This kool for the evo 3d just for the off chance that maybe you need more space. I figure that this isn’t the evo 4g and runing out of space can not happen on this device. But great option this will also make a device that is already the fastest device on the market even faster when the selected bloatware is removed.

  • Stewart

    You can only remove a few of the apps, none of the htc stuff and very little sprint stuff. It’s a good step forward, but root is still necessary so this phone has around 20 spam apps in addition to all the sense stuff.

    I deleted 3d games (just a link to gameloft), blockbuster, nascar, sprint radio, sprint tv and telenav, maybe a few others. Can’t delete acrobat reader, fm radio, htc hub, htc likes, htc mobile guide, mirror, peep, polaris office, qik, reader, setup, sprint wallet, sprint zone, sprint mobile, spiderman 3d, the green hornet 3d, task manager and anything else sensey.

  • Bill Grant83

    Hell yeah man the 3d is aewesome even better when u can get rid of that stupid bload ware

  • Topwebdesign

    Its just a couple apps you can do this. NOT all apps like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Amazon MP3, Flickr, Peep, Sprint TV, stock Market, and others can NOT be removed. It’s totally stupid to incorporate this feature and not have the ability to remove all unwanted bloat apps.



  • My_horrid_insanity

    Wrong wrong wrong. The apps that you can delete are sprint feature apps. Not bloatware. You can’t delete the real bloatware *cough cough amazon cough

  • There is no way of removing them from settings- My phone is out of memory and running slow- I now know that i wont buy a phone with pre-installed aps anymore.