New Sharp Device Pops Up, Fails to Impress

Sharp has been trying to get a decent Android device out there for quite some time, and unfortunately, they missed the mark on this one as well. The device above is a leaked Sharp Android phone that’s likely headed to North America, as well as Europe and Asia. It’s being referenced as the SH8188U, and it’ll be packing Froyo, a WVGA display of unknown size, 3G connectivity, WiFi, an HDMI port, 5MP camera with HD video recording, and possibly a front-facing camera.

No word on the processor, but I for one am already disappointed that the device is running Froyo instead of Gingerbread. We’ll try to do some digging on this device. So, is anyone else not impressed with Sharp’s Android offerings? Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Source UnWired View

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  • Bob

    Physically it looks nice but releasing with Froyo is an immediate fail.

  • Mike Rios

    Looks identical to the recently announced Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile slated to come out this summer. Could it be that they’re both based on the same reference hardware from the same OEM, just with slightly different case designs for the different branded manufacturers?…. Whatever the case, it sounded like a good deal to me when it was announced by Moto for Virgin just a few weeks ago. Let’s wait and see where this ends up (my guess is with another prepaid carrier) and for how much before we ‘re so quick to judge.

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