Droid 3 on Track for July 14 Debut

The Motorola Droid 3 looks to be arriving just a few weeks from now, and shortly after Verizon stops offering unlimited data plans.  According to information obtained by DroidAttic, the “Next Generation of Does” will in stock on July 13th, presumably on sale the next day.  This means that any new customers to Verizon will be unable to get the Motorola handset with unlimited access to Big Red’s network.  However, those of you who are holding on to your grandfathered plan, well you’ll be alright.  The last we heard you’ll be able to upgrade with losing your rates.

  • Doraz72

    WTF Verizon! I don’t care about your crappy Droid 3. Get the Galaxy S II already! It was supposed to be out 2 months ago… By the time Verizon gets it, it will be out-dated.

  • Elvis

    I might grab it if it’s unlocked and 4g :p