DYZPLASTIC Teases New Batch of Android Collectibles

The guys over at dyzplastic (division of Dead Zebra) are teasing another set of collectible Android figurines.  A blog post hints at four of them with an image that shows half the face for each, accompanied by a title of “Heroes, Masked Avengers, Villains, Killer Robots”.

According to dyzplastic, additional details are expected to arrive next week.  We’re hoping these are part of a new series or at least something we can order at will.  The limited edition collectibles are darn near impossible to procure!

  • Clayton

    Word is that this will be a run of only 4 pieces (not an entire series as was Series 1 and 2) and will be SDCC exclusives. If that is the case, they may well be even more difficult to find than the others – depending on the run size.