Facebook for Android Gets Updated to 1.6, Adds Video Upload and Pages


Check your Market now, because Facebook for Android just got an update! It is not necessarily a huge one but it does improve and bring a couple of features to the mobile app: Improved News Feed, Pages Support, and Video Upload.

The News Feed has been improved in a sense that it will load more types of posts and open the posts natively in the app. Pages is also supported…sort of. You may now click on a Page that appears in your News Feed and browse the Page within the app. That is cool and all, but there is no way to quickly search for a Page. You must find it in your News Feed. This is a bit of a downer, especially since iOS’ Facebook app has had this feature for ages. Finally, and likely the biggest feature added to the Facebook for Android app,  is video upload! We can now (finally) upload videos taken from our devices directly to Facebook while staying in the app.

Go give the update a spin, and let us know what you think! It seems as if the app is not showing up in the Market for tablet owners. If you own a XOOM, a shiny new Galaxy Tab 10.1, or any other Android tablet, PLEASE let us know if you can update, or even see the app.


  1. SWEET!!!!  Now I can post my funny videos of my cat. 🙂  I thought the lack of the video-uploading capability was so lame!  I’m not much of an import-onto-the-computer-then-post kinda person.

  2. Friendcaster is still much better. It may have ads but it does everything a facebook app should do out of the box without incremental updates every 3 months to catch up with itself…

  3. On motorola xoom the update wont work, “the requested item can’t be found” this sucks why is there no facebook tablet app

  4. No joy on G-Slate. Can’t see the app on the market at all. (Currently installed version doesn’t show in My Apps, either.)

  5. Facebook app on iPhone is better than the one on Android, and I hate that because I use FB everyday and I sold my iPhone last week and bought Samsung Galaxy S.

  6. II have downloaded mine from the market to my galaxy tab 7^. Am still figuring out the upload video option though.

  7. I could’ve sworn I saw something within the past few weeks, on twitter or one of the android news sites, that facebook was planning a tablet only version. 

  8. I uninstalled Facebook from my Acer Ionia this morning because it was acting buggy. I went to The Android Market to reinstall and it’s not there. It’s not in The Amazon App Store either.

  9. So far this update sucks!! Instead of loading news feed in the apparently it just redirects you to the mobile site in your browser. Don’t know if this is intentional but I can’t imagine that it would be. I wouldn’t be so mad if I could just get an answer as to weather or not this is a bug in the update. Anyone know?

  10. Uninstalled this morning cause it was acting weird, went to reinstall and can’t find it. Seems like im not the only one with this problem. Very angry, but thank goodness I have my itouch to get on fb. Btw im using the DROID X2.

  11. Ok for those of u tht can’t find it in the market, I’ve figured out the problem. Go to the market, push menubutton on ur phone/tablet, push settings, and make sure “show all apps” is checked under content settings. Hope this helps, post ur results after trying this.

  12. I wouldn’t necessarily call this “pages support” at all. I manage 3 facebook pages, and the stock Facebook app is just as useless to me as ever. Just because you can view a page (if you can ever find one on your newsfeed) doesn’t meant $hi+. How about editing, creating and searching for them? Get those 3 functionalities and then you can say the app supports pages. Til then it’s still freakin’ useless.

    • Mike – I’m having problems finding pages on my Galaxy tab. Are you having the same issue or do you know if there has there been an update to fix this??

  13. I have a new acer liquid the app. for fb is on works for other accounts but not my own how do I fix this problem ?

  14. Doesnt show on Xoom market as most other apps don’t like Sims 3, although for fb I go to web based market and says it its installed already. It isn’t I tried to add acct and find app no go. Help us…