December 20, 2014

Facebook for Android Gets Updated to 1.6, Adds Video Upload and Pages

Check your Market now, because Facebook for Android just got an update! It is not necessarily a huge one but it does improve and bring a couple of features to the mobile app: Improved News Feed, Pages Support, and Video Upload.

The News Feed has been improved in a sense that it will load more types of posts and open the posts natively in the app. Pages is also supported…sort of. You may now click on a Page that appears in your News Feed and browse the Page within the app. That is cool and all, but there is no way to quickly search for a Page. You must find it in your News Feed. This is a bit of a downer, especially since iOS’ Facebook app has had this feature for ages. Finally, and likely the biggest feature added to the Facebook for Android app,  is video upload! We can now (finally) upload videos taken from our devices directly to Facebook while staying in the app.

Go give the update a spin, and let us know what you think! It seems as if the app is not showing up in the Market for tablet owners. If you own a XOOM, a shiny new Galaxy Tab 10.1, or any other Android tablet, PLEASE let us know if you can update, or even see the app.

  • Nj 041711

    not compatible with the device Galaxy Tab

  • Ectpm

    Doesnt show on Xoom market as most other apps don’t like Sims 3, although for fb I go to web based market and says it its installed already. It isn’t I tried to add acct and find app no go. Help us…