Galaxy S II to Sell More Units Than Droid Bionic?

Mashwork, a social media listening firm, has apparently gathered some social data regarding both the Galaxy S II and the Droid Bionic, and the hype seems to be pointed toward the S II. Apparently, 68% of the group that Mashwork collected data from are interested in buying the Galaxy S II when it lands Stateside, while 32% are interested in shelling out the money for a Droid Bionic. So, underneath all the numbers and data mumbo jumbo, the Galaxy S II appears to be a better-selling device than the Bionic, even though both devices have yet to be released in the U.S. It seems that Samsung has a leg up on Motorola with this one, as more people want to buy the GS II.

Now, this is only based on a small group of people, and it could change once both devices launch. Still no official launch date for the Bionic, but it’s definitely headed for a record. It was announced back at CES in January, and 6 months later, it has yet to hit shelves. And if Sammy has anything to say about it, the Bionic won’t be on shelves for very long.

Anyone surprised that the Galaxy S II is more popular than the Bionic? Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Boy Genius Report

  • BIONIC FOR THE WIN!!!!galaxy s2 wont have 4g most likely plus im not a fan of touchwiz even though 4.0 looks nice

  • Andrew Krigel

    I’m looking forward to the Bionic. (I just hope it doesn’t have any customized UI. I like native Android w/Launcher Pro Plus.) I’ll have 1, to go.

  • Tony Murray

    Galaxy S2 because it doesn’t have 4g. I’d much rather have extra battery life than faster data speeds that I won’t be able to use pervasivly until two years from now (in my area).

  • Joup

    Galaxy s2 is the WINNN is the best smartphone.

  • Scouteliot

    this is silly

  • Elvis

    Wouldn’t be the case if they made it right the first time and it was released already…