HTC Glamor Spotted in the Closet, Possibly a Cross Dressing HTC Bliss?

Anyone remember that rumor about HTC‘s female-centric experiment codenamed “Bliss?” Well, it seems that another female-based HTC phone has been spotted hanging in a closet, which gives us the hint of a female target audience. Anyway, not much (if anything) is known about this “glamorous” device, and there is some speculation going around that this could very well be the HTC Bliss we’ve been hearing about.

At this point, we could speculate about anything and everything, but apparently the HTC Glamor will be walking the runway sporting a variety of “hot” colors, including pink, yellow and light blue. This is a far cry from the rumored forest/sea green of the HTC Bliss, but maybe that’s what the focus group was for.

What do you think ladies? Disgusted by HTC’s blatant stereotype device? Let us know by signing off in the comments below, or plaster your thoughts on our Facebook Wall!

Source PocketNow

  • I think there is a legitimate difference between what women want in a phone and what men want in a phone because… women wear different clothes. I can put my Evo 3d (and the Evo 4g before it) in my pocket without a problem. My wife can’t fit the phone in her jeans pocket, and can’t sit down with it sticking out. Unfortunately, there aren’t any good android phones on sprint that are smaller. She would love a nexus one. Even the aria would be good for her. But all that’s out there on sprint is the Intercept and the Optimus, and I haven’t heard of anything coming down the pipeline with a smaller screen either.