TeleNav v6.2 Now Available for Select T-Mobile Handsets

Our friends at TeleNav sent over an email to us this afternoon to share some news for T-Mobile customers.  Some of you will find that you are able update your navigation software to the latest version, 6.2.  This release features some pretty cool options including multiple search suggestions, real-time traffic conditions, improved search, and enhanced speech recognition.

There are five handsets able to take advantage of the 6.2 release: Samsung Vibrant, LG Optimus T, Motorola Defy, Motorola Cliq XT, and the T-Mobile Comet. Simply navigate to the app in the Android Market and download!


  • Guest

    This is the same app that came bundled with my Sensation that I can’t delete, and keeps running on its own, doing who knows what.  I have to consider any app that runs mysteriously and repeatedly as up to no good.  Thanks Telenav.  I hope that money you spent on getting placed on the phone was worth the goodwill hit.

    • Rmeproductions

      Before disparaging a company, perhaps you should learn how to operate your android phone.

  • Toner

    This is no doubt a great milestone for the company trusted by many phone users.