Doodle Grub Snakes its Way Into the Android Market

A cute and colorful adaptation of the classic “Snake” game has slithered its way to Android thanks to the guys over at Pixowl Inc. Originally developed for iOS, Doodle Grub’s popularity encouraged its developers to bring the game to other platforms such as Android and Facebook. Released about a week ago, “Doodle Grub – Twisted Snake” is an all ages fun and addicting game in which players try to munch on as many apples as possible while avoiding the “nasty” hedgehogs. Sounds easy enough, but wait… Every time your grub enjoys a tasty apple treat, he grows in length, making it harder to avoid the hedgehogs which begin multiplying and “hogging” the screen.

Doodle Grub comes equipped with OpenFeint support, allowing users to track achievements, check leaderboards, read news and compete against friends.

Other features include:

  • Intuitive and responsive tilt controls
  • Twitter and Facebook support
  • Free and unlockable themes (Coming Soon)
  • Same gameplay as on iOS devices

Your kids will definitely enjoy this lively game which is full of vibrant and pleasant graphics designed by Laurel, a famous French comic book illustrator. Adults will find the gameplay addicting and challenging, add in the fact that it’s available for free and we have ourselves an all around winner. Head on over to the Android Market to download Doodle Grub – Twisted Snake and let us know what you think.

Tip: Hold your phone flat (horizontal) to start the game.

Download: Doodle Grub – Twisted Snake

  • rev2redlineguy

    This is a cool little game to play! A little tricky at first but awesome.