Google Web Market Adds Rating Graphs

As Android continues to mature and grow, it is great to see Google adding little tweaks and improvements to it’s offerings for users.  One of our writers noticed on the web based Android Market that Google had added a neat little graph to help you visualize how app reviews scatter out.  This will be helpful to users and app devs alike, as one bad review that is at the top of the review list can deter someone from buying an app, which really isn’t fair.  The graph gives a better idea as to the spread of ratings for an app, which is very helpful indeed.  Check it out on the web based Market.

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  1. Jason Keirstead
    June 27, 15:03 Reply

    The stars comment is nowehere near granular enough. Way too many apps get 3 stars or less simply because they are lacking features. Google should look at how eBay does detailed seller feedback and copy that model.

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